1. Material Upgraded to Ceramic instead of Stainless Steel

this upgrade is the most costly of them all, It is also a sorry from me for all the delays and not being able to deliver it on the date we have planned to

2. Font 

Before we have received a lot of comments to keep the font as the previous sample. We had to change the font up due to the difficulty in luming up the inside of the number "4" . We have worked with the new factory to keep the previous font and just design the number "4" ourselves. So instead of changing the entire font, we are now only changing font for "4".


Added Polished slopes

We have added polished finishing slopes on the edge of the top and bottom of the case. 

You may refer to 3d renders below for your reference


Hands design upgraded to Curves/ Faceted hands

A more 3d look to the hands instead of it being just flat. Figured the hour markers were already applied and 3d, why not match the hands to it.


Just a simple change in the buckle design instead of just a simple logo.

Variant Changes

Variant changes:

Fresh Mint: Black font and black outline logo

Lunar Eclipse: Second Hand Colour

Deep Ocean: Bezel Colour (Due to having to meet the Minimum order of the ceramic bezel, we could not produce the bezel in blue)